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Welcome to the Loyal School District Website

Welcome to the wonderful community of Loyal, Wisconsin. We have one of the premier education systems in the state and each year we have a class of stellar students who go on and achieve all types of greatness. We look forward to assisting you with any of your educational needs and we hope that this website is of great value to you. At Loyal, we take pride in the community and we know that at the forefront of an influential community is the school system. Education is the backbone to success in this country and around the globe which is why we offer the best services possible so that our students have a head start. Our Principal has been nominated for the Outstanding Wisconsin Leadership Award for the past two years for the qualities that she displayed as an educator. She believes in leading by example as we look to create the next generation of leaders each year. Loyal is in the name of our town but it is also at the essence of our practices. We have an alumni system that is rooted in loyalty, as our students know how important it is to give back even if they are no longer in Loyal. We leave a lasting impact on our pupils which makes them want to give back to the next generation of Loyal students. Helping each other is part of the Loyal way and what makes our school so excellent.

If you are looking to get your child a solid educational foundation then the Loyal Elementary School is the perfect environment. Not only do we put an emphasis on education but we have some of the best extra curriculars around. Since we have such an extensive network of students who have went on and gone to college, we know that universities are looking for students to have more than good grades. This is truer now, more than ever, which is why we have made a successful effort to offer more activities for students to participate in outside of the classroom. We believe that you are never too young to stay active and get involved/

We have everything that is necessary for a student to get a sound elementary education in Loyal. When it comes to learning, we create an atmosphere that is unique and impactful on the student. The Loyal experience goes beyond what is expected from a school system because we do not take the typical approach. Education is serious but we make it entertaining in Loyal, so come get in on all the fun!