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Mission Statement

At Loyal Elementary School we aim to put our students in the best possible position so they can achieve anything that they want in life. By creating an environment that promotes learning, exploration, and growth at a young age, we believe the Loyal lasting impact will be a positive one.








Years Experience

Our approach

We create a unique learning environment that you can only find within the Loyal Elementary School. Each one of our teachers has been hand-picked because they possess a set of skills that we know will benefit each child differently. Academics are of the utmost importance, but we do not believe in putting unnecessary stress on the child. By creating an environment where the child is comfortable, they are more receptive to learning. Because of this, we have never had to hold a child back a grade-level and possess the highest test scores in the entire state.

Clearly define Needs & Expectations

Communication is key at Loyal, and we know that instilling this skill in young students will set them up to be stronger leaders in the future. We talk with our parents to see how they are feeling about school and what they expect from our staff. Based on this, the teachers curate lesson plans that aim to benefit each and every student.

Student Oriented

Without the students there would be no school and we act accordingly. We want our children to be in the best situation so that they are receptive to the information that is being conveyed to them. With non-traditional approaches to learning and activities that stimulate brain development, our teachers have created methods that are proven and effective. At the forefront of all of these methods are the students and their particular needs.

The Best Value

At Loyal, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product. We truly believe elementary education is a service that we are offering to the youth and we do not give anything less than 100%. Each and every day our staff comes to school to help students become better scholars and people. We also know that our students are going to match our passion and dedication, so once we enter the school building we never give mediocre effort.